Title: 行者
Artist: 側田/劉浩龍
Played: 94 times


側田/劉浩龍 - 行者

Official theme song for TVB drama Line Walker

OMG gasp Justin Lo! Wilfred Lau! 
It’s nice that Media Asia Music is willing to collaborate with TVB. It will get boring if all of TVB’s theme songs are sang by the same 10 people. 
The hot-bloodedness of this song is really moving especially when Wilfred and Justin are singing together, but I wish they each had more solo parts.

The song is about someone who is forced to do bad things (undercover cop) in order to reach a certain goal. Despite these challenges, he is not afraid. He will withstand to the end without looking back.


爆seed trying to get in the secret compartment~~~

Title: 越難越愛
Artist: 吳若希
Played: 58 times


吳若希 - 越難越愛

Official sub-theme song for TVB drama Line Walker

mmm Jinny sang the most TVB theme songs so far but her songs are popular so it all works out :P (hope the audience won’t get bored of her voice)

The lyrics are about how she tries really hard to love someone. The more troubles she has to face, makes her love him more. Hundreds of people may judge her, but all she cares about is how he feels. His love will heal her pains.