Karry Wang 王俊凱《我的歌聲裡》

I feel so old watching these. Like seriously a 大姐姐看小弟弟 feels. I wanted to see if he can handle the song, cause this is one hard song to sing, but end up laughing so hard. It’s so cute watching him play with his hair and try to 耍帥! HAHHAHHAAHA It’s like watching my nephew or something. But this kid can sing! He kinda reminds me of Arron when he first debuted. Probably because of the hair


Karry Wang 王俊凱 & Roy Wang 王源《洋蔥》

WOW WANG JUN KAI! YOUR VOICE MATCHES THIS SONG SO MUCH!!! Did not expect that. Especially when I have been looping Ashin’s version so much recently 

That’s too much information and emotions for Carson to handleㅠ

陳法拉 Fala Chen 【旭茉JESSICA五月刊】